What is Physiotherapy and how can it help me?

Physiotherapy is a hands-on therapy; we use our hands to examine, to assess if an area is swollen, inflamed, stiff, tight, or weak, to diagnose and to treat any problem. We use a variety of techniques to treat, depending on the source of the problem:

  • Muscle – if you have muscle or fascia tension then we will use massage, trigger point release, or myofascial release to help reduce tension and muscle dysfunction. We can also assess weakness in muscles (whether over-active or underactive) and devise an exercise programme to improve problem areas
  • Joint – posture, repeated movements or simply not moving enough can cause joints to become stiff and painful, we will use techniques to support mobility, gain a wider range of movement and reduce pain
  • Nerves – along with other structures in the body, nerves can become restricted and ‘trapped’; we will use a variety of techniques to gain additional movements
  • Tendons – these become strained through injury, repeated use, or injury overload. You may have heard the term tendinopathy or tendinitis – these refer to inflammation of a tendon. We can use acupuncture, massage, or joint mobilisation to treat, as well as devising a comprehensive rehabilitation program
  • Ligaments – can sustain damage through an accident or trauma. Physiotherapy will ensure that they are in their optimal position for healing and will provide maximum strengthening of the affected area

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