Musculoskeletal Injuries and Pain

Move better and feel better

From painful ankles to jaw discomfort and everything in between. Whether you have sustained an injury from training, a fall or just general aches and pains, I can help. I use a variety of techniques, massage, mobilisations, manipulations, acupuncture and exercise. This will help to ease your pain and get you back to normal.

Post Operative Therapy and Rehabilitation

Getting you back to health

A period a recuperation or rehabilitation is almost always required following an illness or operation. I work with patients to build strength, improve cardiovascular and respiratory function. I can also help patients recovering from COVID-19 or other viruses.  Generally I work with patients within their homes to assess their current capability. I then work with with them as often as required to ensure they are happy, and to help achieve their goals.  I then work with them to regain full health and help to achieve their goals.

Postural Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (PoTs)

Aiming to manage symptoms

I work very closely with Dr Sanjay Guptar who is a Consultant cardiologist and Heart Specialist at York teaching hospital, where we manage patients diagnosed with PoTS.  It’s very common for patients to have other diagnoses of EDS, ME, chronic fatigue and CFS leaks.  I work with patients in the effective of their symptoms.  This can be appropriate excercise, respiratory function, practical symptom management to help manage their symptoms and how to set achievable goals.  Everyone is very different and I use my broad knowledge to apply practical help and guidance.  I find that video consultations can be useful, especially if you find attending appointments tiring. Assessments can be 30 minutes or an hour if you prefer’.

Hyper-Mobility spectrum disorders including EDS

Education and Treatment

Hypermobility disorders can be very debilitating and painful. A full thorough assessment is carried out to identify, areas of subluxations, weakness, tension and muscular imbalances.

I will advise on adaptions and create a bespoke programme, specifically designed to get you working at the right level. I use my expertise as a qualified Pilates instructor to work on increasing stability and activity of muscle groups.

Parkinson's (PD Warrior)

Push the limits

I have been working with Parkinson’s patients for over seven years and know how difficult coming to terms with the diagnosis can be. I am trained in PDWarrior, which is exercise and movement based treatment. After a full assessment and discussion, we will formulate goals to help with your day to day life. These exercises will be carried out by you independently, ideally daily, once I have ensured your ability to perform the correct technique.

Pilates, Mat-work and Reformer

Build strength and stability

I am a qualified clinical Pilates instructor, qualifying through APPI and DMA.  I am also qualified to teach pre and post natal pilates.  Clinical Pilates is very much prescriptive.

I conduct a thorough assessment to identify overactivity or areas of weakness; perhaps one side of your body is weaker than the other.  Clinical Pilates works specifically on those weaker areas and ensures you’re engaging the correct muscles. This can be offered on the matt (floor or standing).  I can also offer one to one reformer Pilates.