Dr Katherine Taylor

Dr Katherine Taylor: as a specialist physiotherapist working within elderly rehabilitation, what do you think are the top five exercises to do? Every individual is different, and as such each exercise programme should be tailored to you, which is why we highly recommend a physiotherapy assessment for any balance or mobility concerns.

For proactive measures however, here are daily routines I recommend following at any age:

  1. Standing up without using your arms. Try to stand from different surfaces (wooden chair, sofa, edge of bed) without using your hands to push off.
  2. Overhead exercises. Whether just reaching your arms overhead ten times, or using weights, keeping your cardiovascular system capable of doing work above your head is important for heart health, and performing daily activities such as changing lightbulbs.
  3. Walking more. You might consider parking further from a shop entrance, or taking a daily stroll around your neighbourhood. More time spent on your feet, especially on a variety of surfaces, is good for your endurance and your balance.
  4. Getting on (and off!) the floor. This gets tougher as we age, but it becomes more important to have some muscle memory and a mental concept of how to raise yourself up onto a higher surface. Practicing it while you feel confident about it is the best way not to lose your confidence! If you’re unsure about this, Mobility Physiotherapy can help.
  5. Something you enjoy! Whether it’s bowls or a brisk walk in the Dales, choose an activity you enjoy and keep both your cardiovascular and mental health in good nick!
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