Corporate onsite physiotherapy and massage

Are you and your company considering using on site wellness and physiotherapy to improve the morale of your staff? Well, look no further as Mobility Physiotherapy are here to help.

We can offer:

  • Work station assessments
  • Massages
  • Physiotherapy
  • Yoga and Pilates

As we are sure you agree, the well-being of staff is vital both physically and mentally. We offer on site services to meet the needs of all your employees. Whether it’s a work station assessment to really pinpoint the causes of specific problems for staff members or a much needed massage to work those knots out. We have all the training to help. Whether you are a large scale company with hundreds of employees, or a small local business with only a small team we are more than happy to help the needs of your staff.

Please get in contact for more information or to make an enquiry. We look forward your communication.

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