Sports Massage

Enhance your performance with a sports massage in York. Through the manipulation of soft tissue in muscles typically used in a specific sport, this treatment is ideal for treating minor and chronic injuries. If you engage in physical activity regularly, a sports massage will aid recovery, prevent injury and relieve stress. 

By using different techniques such as trigger point therapy and PNF stretches, we will tailor the session to your individual needs. Based in York, the sports massages we offer provide a range of benefits including increased flexibility and joint range of motion, as well as a decrease in muscle tension and muscle spasms. Regular massages will also quicken your recovery time following a workout, allow you to exercise more frequently and stop small pains worsening. 

Our sports massages in York and the surrounding areas aren’t just for athletes. They are suitable for anyone who requires a remedial or soft tissue mobilisation. In fact we include massages as part of our workstation assessments that are completed by qualified professionals. This is to improve corporate wellbeing, as sports massages have proven benefits in an office environment such as creating better posture and reducing stress.

Sports Therapy

If you are a sports performer or athlete suffering from problems such as repetitive strain injury, sprains, tension or fatigue that affect you daily, we can improve your life with sports therapy. This is because sports therapy is designed to improve performance and help reduce pain and injury in exercise. However sports therapy is even beneficial for general aches and pain when your muscles are tight. 


At Mobility Physiotherapy we will discuss the problems you are facing and the treatment outcomes you want to achieve before we work towards reaching your goals. Following sports therapy with Mobility Physiotherapy you will have a better understanding of your bodies so that you can fully heal and prevent further injuries. 


If you would like further information on the manual techniques we use for the sports therapy service we offer in York, contact us today.