Dry Needling

Dry needling uses acupuncture needles to relax muscle knots or release myofascial trigger points. We use single use, pre-sterilised, disposable needles of varying sizes that pierce the skin into the various muscles or myofascial region. It is a very effective technique that can alleviate myofascial pain, muscle tightness and trigger points.

It is a scientifically proven Western technique with various research advocating its use. A needle is inserted into a tight band of muscle which can cause brief localised discomfort, with perhaps a ‘twitch response’ this a very small mini muscle contraction. Although results are usually felt immediately, you may experience an aching sensation with minimal side effects.

It works by changing how the body senses the pain and deactivates trigger points (knots). It does this by mechanically disrupting the dysfunctional activity and stimulating healing deep within the muscle.

Dry needling can also help relieve pain caused by tight muscles that can reduce the range of movement. This is typically caused by the over-contraction of a small number of muscle fibres in one region. Placing needles into these trigger points disrupts the contractions, encouraging the muscle to relax. In addition, the improved blood flow and delivery of oxygen, as previously mentioned, will further help the muscles relax.

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The Therapist:
Emma has been using acupuncture and dry needling to treat an array of conditions for over 13 years, she qualified originally in Australia and has since continued her professional development in this area.

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