Are you getting close to or sailing past retirement age?

Finding it difficult to manage home upkeep, daily tasks, or healthcare?  Mobility Physiotherapy can help!  Whether you’re nearing retirement or looking at it in the rear view mirror, we have a specialist for your needs.

Older adults should have every opportunity to retain their physical health, and a check-in with a physiotherapist can help you learn how your body works, along with how to prioritise self-care and fitness.  We provide home visits to suit your schedule, as well as visits to residential or nursing and dementia specialty care homes at reduced cost – please enquire.  Your insurance may even help cover costs for proactive measures or rehab.

Whether you’re in need of preparatory fitness for an upcoming surgery, support for a chronic condition, rehab post-surgery, or just want to know how best to stay healthy as an older adult, Mobility Physiotherapy will be there for all your life needs.  We can provide you with an exercise programme to stay fit, keeping in mind that the NHS recommend daily activity no matter your age.  Whether you want to keep playing football, or keep carrying your own shopping, Mobility Physiotherapy can help you stay active, strong, and independent.

Stay tuned for our next blog on older adult fitness: Balance! Physiotherapy is proven to help prevent falls, and we’ll address some basic tips for reducing fall risk.

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