Welcome to Matt – Sports Therapy / Sports Science / Injury Rehabilitation

Mobility physiotherapy are delighted to introduce Matt; he’s a Sports Therapist, with a degree in Sports Science and Injury Rehabilitation (2018). He’s been working in the rehabilitation industry for nearly five years. In that time, has worked for a number of local rugby teams, from grassroots to being included in the county setup and is currently work pitch-side for the York RI Women’s team. He’s also worked high volume events including the London Marathon in 2019 and 2023. 

Matt is fully trained in sports massage and deep tissue, as well as diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions.  Matt is incredibly keen to get people moving in a healthy and sustainable manner. He offers deep tissue and rehabilitation work including stretching (static, dynamic, and PNF), soft tissue release, and rehabilitation programming. He is also trained in static strapping and K-taping. 

Outside of work he’s passionate about rugby union. Currently, he undertakes both playing and coaching roles at his local club. He’s a keen home cook. He’s collected quite a list of injuries putting him in an ideal position to empathise with the issues of his clients. 

Matt will be available Thursdays 3-6pm and Fridays 1-7pm. 

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