Have you been having dizzy spells?

Have you been having dizzy spells? Light-headedness? A feeling as though the room is spinning, especially when you lie down in bed. You may be struggling with a surprisingly common condition – an issue with your VESTIBULAR system.

Many people don’t even know they have a vestibular system! We are generally aware of the 5 senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. In conjunction with your sight, and yet another system called the PROPRIOCEPTIVE system, your vestibular system provides you with a 6th sense: position. Based in tandem with your hearing apparatus in your inner ear, the vestibular system orients your head position vertically and horizontally so that you know when you are upright. This is why, if something is wrong with the vestibular system, you might feel that you are moving when you are lying still, or as though your head is spinning when you are standing upright.

Common reasons why the vestibular system might be providing poor information include infections, BPPV (due to free-floating otoliths, often called crystals, in the vestibular canals), and hearing-related disorders. The good news is, physiotherapy can help! Since 3 systems (vision, vestibular, proprioceptive) all provide your brain with crucial information about where you are in space, we can assist with vestibular rehab, and we can also provide exercises to bolster the other two systems to help compensate for anything wrong in the vestibular system.

Contact us today for an assessment if you are experiencing vestibular symptoms, have diagnosed or suspected BPPV, or if you would simply like more information. With physios on staff who specialise in older adult conditions, and on-site visits available at your home or office across much of North Yorkshire, Mobility Physiotherapists are here to help.

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