Calling all current and aspiring rowers

Calling all current and aspiring rowers….

Beneficial, enjoyable, and effective: rowing is a whole-body exercise that anyone can try. Regardless of fitness level, there are many benefits to rowing. Not only does it build power and endurance, but it is also a low-impact exercise that works your heart and lungs.

If you are interested in trying rowing, it’s vital to remember that it’s not always about rowing on the water! Building strength through endurance training and learning how to move the boat on land is also key. When undertaking any physical exercise, it is crucial to complete a thorough warm-up and cool-down process.

If you are an avid rower already, you will recognise that recovery is key. Rowers tend to partake in a heavy schedule all year round with very little respite. To maintain your performance, looking after your body is essential! Foam rollers tend to be a rower’s best friend; however, they are limited in what they can do. Sports massage is a brilliant way to hit reset on your exhausted muscles and get ready for any new training you may undertake. From trigger point methods to deep tissue massage, mobility physiotherapy can help you feel refreshed and fighting fit.

Scarlett is a sports therapist who has been rowing for many years as well as being a certified rowing instructor. If you are interested in advice on starting rowing or an assessment to improve your rowing techniques- then get in touch to book now. Scarlett can advise on technique, develop specific training programmes and work through any personal restrictions to get you up to full speed.

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