Are You Concerned about a Fall Risk?

Are you concerned about fall risk? Ever have difficulty moving about the house after dark, or on uneven ground outside? Mobility Physiotherapy can help!

Whether you’re experiencing a short-term impact to your balance from an acute condition such as BPPV, suffering from a vestibular disease such as Meniere’s or neuritis, or just wanting to improve your balance in different conditions, our physiotherapists can work one to one with you to create a programme that addresses your needs. We are happy to provide a home visit in Harrogate, York, and nearby neighbourhoods to help you regain your balance.

There are three systems primarily involved in balance, along with both motor and sensory spinal tracts that help our brain and body understand where we are in space and most importantly, how to stay upright! The vestibular system, what most of us think of as the “inner ear”, is a series of small canals and fine hairs that process minute changes in head position so the rest of your body react. Vestibular diseases may have their roots in this complex system, or in the nerves that transmit this information to the brain. We also use our visual system a great deal to balance, so when changes to our eyes such as glaucoma or cataracts impact that system, balance can be affected. The 3rd important system is called proprioception, and is the information your joints, most especially in your feet and hips, provide your brain. If you’ve experienced significant ankle sprains or foot issues in the past, that can impact the effectiveness of this system. If all 3 of these systems aren’t firing on all cylinders, physiotherapy can help you improve their performance and find your lost balance.

Stay tuned for our next blog on older adult fitness: Respiratory therapies! Whether you’re struggling with community acquired pneumonia, long Covid, or a chronic lung issue such as asthma or COPD, physiotherapy can help you improve respiratory performance and stay active.

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