Did you know that Pilates was actually originally designed and created by a fellow called Joseph Pilates?  Its creation actually goes back to World war 1; Mr Pilates worked within hospitals and increasingly saw patients not improving and confined to their beds,  He knew the benefits of exercise, having being plagued by illness himself; so he designed exercises that could be carried out in bed. He then further progressed these exercises using springs to increase resistance.  After the war Mr Pilates continued with his good work and developed his exercises to work within the dance world. The Pilates that we know and love today may have undergone lots of changes but fundamentally remains the same.

Pilates looks at improving ‘core stability’ by carrying out various exercises, breathing with the movement and ensuring a correct alignment and body motion.

What does it mean? ….imagine the spine being a relatively unstable structure, now imagine what attaches to that structure, arms, legs etc. If we don’t have a strong ‘core’ then things can go wrong. Our core stability muscles ensure that we have stability whatever we are doing, so for example walking, running, skiing, climbing, bending, playing football, you name it and our ‘core’ will be working.

There is lots evidence out there supporting Pilates in reducing back, neck pain and shoulder pain. Pilates has also been linked to helping people with hyper mobility syndrome, pelvic floor dysfunctions and neurological conditions. Pilates can also help your sports performance, think how popular it is in the dance world and it’s ever increasing popularity in major sports clubs.

Pilates is also fantastic for pre and post pregnancy, helping to realign and to improve your pelvic floor, much needed after pregnancy! For a full comprehensive Pilates assessment please contact. Im trained in APPI and DMA Pilates, including pre and post naAWe can attend your home or office for your convenience. All sessions are 1:1 or can be 2:1.

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