At Mobility Physiotherapy we offer workstation assessments North Yorkshire to help you achieve comfort whilst you are working . This improves your wellbeing and relieves your daily pain. So if you are in a static role, such at a desk or a factory floor then workstation assessments will reduce the chance of injury or harm. 

Having a work environment that benefits your staff is essential. Workstation assessments are required so that employers can minimise risk and maintain the health and wellbeing of employees. Inadequate equipment, furniture and tools can lead to the development, or worsening, of musculoskeletal disorders. 

Our team at Mobility Physiotherapy can visit your premises to conduct a workstation assessment and provide you with immediate feedback on your set up. Our assessment involves looking at the employee’s desk, chair, equipment, the amount of breaks they have and any environmental factors that could affect comfort at work. 

You’ll also receive a written report which details your current and potential associated health impacts of each workstation along with recommendations and suggestions. Sometimes it is even as simple as taking more regular breaks away from your desk. 

Following the assessment by one of our specialist physiotherapists, you will have a thorough understanding of the adjustments you need to make for each individual workstation. It’s not just employers who will gain knowledge, employees will also benefit from insights that they can use to take responsibility for their own work environment in the future. 

Workstation Assessments North Yorkshire

Completing workstation assessments will help improve the day to day operations of your business in North Yorkshire by reducing sick leave, boosting staff morale and increasing work efficiency. When the recommendations are put into place, your company can benefit financially from them in the future. 

For your business, we can also provide corporate physiotherapy to maintain your staff’s physical and mental wellbeing. We will visit your premises to provide massages, physiotherapy and yoga and Pilates on staff. This is perfect for office based jobs that require being sat at a desk all day. Regardless of if you are a large or small company, we can help with our corporate physio!

To book in for a workstation assessment at your office in North Yorkshire, contact us on 07954 327 405 now.