Are you looking for a sports massage in Harrogate to assist with your recovery, prevent injury or relieve stress? At Mobility Physiotherapy we use different techniques such as trigger point therapy and PNF stretches to help you exceed in your sporting performance. 

By manipulating the soft tissue in your muscles, tendons and ligaments, we can easily treat minor and chronic injuries so that you can get back to the sport you love. Even if you aren’t injured, having regular sports massages can benefit you by increasing your flexibility and joint range of motion. Massages increase blood circulation which helps the body to remove waste products from the muscles. This also helps you recover better after a workout so that you can exercise more frequently. Sports massages are also great for preventing physical training and repetitive movements leading to injury by releasing any tension before it impacts movement. 

Although sports massages are usually used before, during or after physical events, sports massages aren’t just for athletes, this style of massages are ideal for anyone who needs a remedial or soft tissue mobilisation; which is why we offer sports massages as part of our workstation assessments in Harrogate. They have proven benefits such as helping with posture and reducing stress within the workplace. 

Our experienced team at Mobility Physiotherapy have extensive experience working with patients to address their specific needs so that they can correctly adapt treatment. Including a regular sports massage into your training regime brings huge benefits as they often focus on specific muscle groups relevant to your chosen sport or activity through a range of techniques that are tailored to you from deep tissue massages and myofascial release to facilitated stretching. 

For more information about the sports massages we offer in Harrogate, contact us today on 07954327405 or book an appointment online now.