At Mobility Physiotherapy we offer home visits for neurological physiotherapy in York. Neurological physiotherapy aims to help maximise functional and movement potential to improve quality of life. 

Neurological physiotherapy can also slow down the progression of some neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Usually neurological disorders affect how the brain, spinal cord and nerves function. This can have a massive impact on your everyday life so we offer a physiotherapy service which works to regain or maintain your movement and functional independence. 

Through exercises such as stretching and balancing, alongside expert advice that is tailored to your individual symptoms and goals, we aim to maximise your potential. This is achieved by improving your ability with everyday activities, reducing the risk of falling, relieving pain, as well as increasing muscle strength and range of movement. 

To begin with, you will undergo an initial assessment at your home or our clinic that will identify problems that you are suffering from due to your neurological condition by testing your balance, coordination and strength. Then a treatment plan will be created around your needs. This will include short and long term goals that you can work towards with regular treatment that can be carried out with our qualified physiotherapist and on your own. One of our trained physiotherapists will educate you on how to manage your condition through lifestyle changes and exercise. Depending on what you are able to manage, you may receive one of two exercises to complete or a more structured program. 

Neurological Physiotherapy in York

People with neurological conditions sometimes need additional support and specialised equipment so we can advise you on the appropriate options for you. Regardless of your current fitness level, we are here to increase your confidence in your abilities. 

For more information on the neurological physiotherapy services we offer across York, contact us on 07954 327 405.