Are you looking for neurological physiotherapy in Harrogate? At Mobility Physiotherapy we provide a professional neurological physiotherapy treatment to reach the full potential of your movement ability. 

People who benefit from neurological physiotherapy are those who have movement and function disorders due to problems within the body’s nervous and neuromuscular system. This is usually an issue with your spinal cord, brain and peripheral nerves which causes symptoms such as poor balance, loss of function, muscle tremors and weakness. 

Common neurological conditions that we work with are people with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and functional neurological disorders. This is because neurological physiotherapy has shown to decrease the rate of deterioration of some neurological disorders. It works to increase your muscle strength, improve balance and posture, relieve pain and give you more confidence to have physical independence. 

Treatment with Mobility Physiotherapy will be dependent on your condition and we will focus on the goals you want to achieve. We will start with an initial assessment at your home or our clinic that tests your strength, coordination and balance. This is so we can identify the problems you are facing due to a neurological condition. Then a tailored plan will be created around your symptoms, needs and goals that can be completed with our qualified physiotherapist and within your daily life. This can vary from one or two exercises to a structured programme of exercise depending on what you are able to manage. 

Neurological Physiotherapy in Harrogate

As well as hands-on treatment techniques, we will also provide you with advice on the equipment that you will benefit from. Our team uses their expert knowledge and extensive experience to improve your day to day life and optimise your current movement ability. 

To find out more about the neurological physiotherapy we offer in Harrogate, call us on 07954 327 405 now.