At Mobilitity Physiotherapy we offer dry needling throughout York to help with muscle pain. Our qualified physiotherapists have completed recognised external training to become experts in this form of treatment in order to get you back to full mobility and flexibility. 

We specialise in home physiotherapy for both private and NHS patients, but we also have a clinic based in Bishopthorpe, York. Our dry needling service can be tailored to your preference. Before dry needling we will assess the pain points so that we can identify the pain points in your body. 

Similar to acupuncture, dry needling uses disposable needles in a range of size to relax muscle knots and release myofascial trigger points.  It’s an effective manual technique that offers pain relief for myofascial pain, tight muscles and trigger points.

It works by inserting a pre-sterilsed needle into a tight band of muscle which could lead to a small mini muscle contraction. Results are usually felt immediately after the treatment and although there are generally minimal side effects, you could feel a soreness near the affected area following the treatment. 

Dry Needling York

Dry needling is so effective as it changes how the body senses the pain and deactivates trigger points through mechanically cutting the unusual activity and stimulating healing within the muscle. Due to the effectiveness of dry needling, you should usually only need a few sessions if combined with another form of manual therapy but this differs between every person and their response to treatment. 

There are a range of injuries that dry needling helps alongside other physiotherapy such as muscle pain, joint issues or whiplash. Following the dry needling treatment, your physiotherapist will provide you with expert advice on how to manage your condition through exercises and changing lifestyle choices. 

For more information about the home visits we offer in York for dry needling , contact us today on 07954 327405.