Are you looking for a physiotherapist who specialises with dry needling in North Yorkshire? At Mobilitiy Physiotherapy, we can help!  We can relax the knots in your muscles and release myofascial trigger points to relieve the discomfort in your body. Trigger points are tight, irritable areas within your muscles and can be tackled in the comfort of your own home with our team at Mobility Physiotherapy. 

Through using pre-sterilised, disposable needles in a range of sizes that target muscles of myofascial regions, myofascial pain can be eased, muscles can be loosened and trigger points can be addressed. 

Dry needling works by piercing a needle into a tight band of muscle which can cause brief localised discomfort. Results are usually felt immediately after so you can quickly go back to feeling like your normal self. It is a safe and effective form of pain relief that can help with calf pain, achilles tendonitis, neck pain, muscle spasms and other injuries. 

Through changing how the body senses pain and deactivating trigger points, we work to mechanically disrupt the dysfunctional activity and stimulate healing deep within the muscles. 

Pain in your muscles can significantly reduce your movement ability. Dry needling motivates the muscle to relax, improve blood flow and delivery of oxygen. When used alongside manual therapy, the effects are usually very fast so you should generally only need a few sessions. 

Dry Needling in North Yorkshire

If you are struggling with tight muscles, we will visit private and NHS visiting patients at their home. Our physiotherapist who will help you has completed recognised external training so you can be confident in their abilities and following the treatment they will educate you on how to manage your condition through exercises and different lifestyle choices. 

Initially you will have an appointment to identify the painful points so that the needle will be inserted into a specific targeted area that will benefit you. 

If you would like to book a home or work visit for our dry needling in North Yorkshire, give us a call on 07954 327405.