At Mobility Physiotherapy we visit care homes to provide our professional physiotherapy service in York. We understand it can be difficult coming out to a clinic, so we are more than happy to come to you as our team is passionate about improving quality of life by setting goals that will increase mobility and relieve pain. 

A fully qualified physiotherapist will assess needs for a residents mobility to check the right course of physio sessions and exercises to help them. Our time progress will be observed to see how they are improving and what walk aids may be needed. If suitable, advice will be given to the care home about the appropriate equipment that would be needed. 

Regular physiotherapy for care homes will help with residents mobility, strength and coordination. As people get older they can become prone to falls so our team will try to understand the cause of falls before building up confidence in walking.

Care Home Physiotherapy York

For elderly patients who need us to visit them, we specialise in a range of rehabilitation and conditions including respiratory disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, neurological, rheumatology conditions, cardiac rehabilitation and general balance strengthening. If needed we can also advise staff and carers how to perform or supervise physiotherapy exercises when we aren’t there too. 

Obviously residents who need physiotherapy will also have different unique needs, so programs will be personalised with an individual treatment strategy. Whether you need Mobility Physiotherapy for a 1-1 session or an exercise class, you will be confident that you are in trained, safe hands. 

The exercise classes we offer for care home residents enables them to stay active and improve their strength and balance. Classes are designed to fit a range of abilities so everyone can benefit. 

To find out about the care home physiotherapy we offer across York, call us on 07954 327405.