If you are looking for a trained physiotherapist to visit your care home for physiotherapy sessions in Harrogate, Mobility Physiotherapy can help. 

We know it can be difficult to come on down to a clinic when your mobility isn’t the best it can be. So we will come to care homes and work with residents on their strength, mobility and coordination. 

For many residents, a care home is the next place patients will go following being discharged from hospital. We are able to help with recovery and provide people with the confidence they once had before their hospital stay. 

At Mobility Physiotherapy we will assess mobility of residents before finding the right course of physiotherapy and exercises that are suitable for them to recover. 

As people get older, they can become prone to falling. We will try and find the root of the cause and work in improving confidence when walking places unassisted. 

Our team will observe progress of patients and and if applicable suggest any equipment that could be benefitted from, as well as taking the time to train staff or carers on how to perform or supervise physiotherapy exercises that are required after sessions. Our knowledgeable team works closely with the residents, their families and other health professionals. 

Care Home Physiotherapy Harrogate

All physiotherapy sessions we offer are tailored to the residents individual needs as not everyone’s mobility or pain issues will be the same. Our physiotherapists provide expert advice that works to prevent mobility deteriorating. 

As well as 1-1 sessions, we also offer exercise classes at care homes. Regular exercise classes will keep residents active whilst improving their balance, mental wellbeing and strength. They’re designed to suit all abilities so anyone can join in. 

For more information about how Mobility Physiotherapy can visit care homes in Harrogate to offer Physiotherapy sessions, contact us on 07954 327 405.